Designer Hat Red Black Ivory White Lime Turquoise Pink Women’s Hats

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Ladies Sheer Red And Black Wide Brim Dress Hat For Weddings And The Kentucky Derby With Feathers. This Fashion Hat Can Be Customized. Choose Your Designer Hat Color, Plus Your Custom Bow, And Feather Colors. Hat Colors Include: Solid Black Designer Hats, Solid Ivory Designer Hats, Solid White Designer Hats, Pink And Ivory Mix Designer Hats, Lime Green And Ivory Mix Designer Hats, Red And Black Mix Designer Hats, Turquoise Blue And Ivory Mix Designer Hats. This Spring Designer Hat Is Suited For The Kentucky Derby, Horse Races, Horse Racing Events, And Special Occasion. This feminine Hat Is Custom Made And Designed By Women’s Designer Hats,


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 6 in